Victorian Teachers Pay Agreement

The VECTEA agreement is an important enterprise agreement that governs the sector sector of the Victorian community. The agreement was adopted with 87.5% yes in the choice of workers. Currently, more than 16,000 teachers are at the top of the ladder, unable to achieve a higher increment without being promoted. “This means that of the 24,000 teachers eligible for progress last year, only 28 did not receive a promotion.” The AEU accuses the Ministry of Education of violating the recently adopted agreement on Victorian public schools by ordering principals to more rigorously determine which teachers and facilitators met the criteria for progress, including setting a cap for those who move to the next level, without consulting the union beforehand. 2020 is the year in which we will begin negotiations for a new agreement establishing your remuneration and terms. The union says the ministry`s instructions are aimed at implementing a new performance and development process, in violation of clause 13, paragraph 3, of the agreement. The ability of employers to address underperformance issues has been successfully negotiated by the ELAA, which ensures that employers can extend the trial period for workers to six months under the proposed agreement, which also allows the employer to formally manage benefit issues. ELAA believes that the proposed VECTEA offers a balanced approach for teachers, educators and early childhood providers, according to a statement from the association, which states that the proposed agreement is now reached by the government with regard to adequate funding. Enterprise Agreements Many schools have collective agreements, usually with the participation of the Union. This is the first place to determine their conditions of employment. Below is a list of enterprise agreements – see here if your school has an enterprise agreement and get a copy. An enterprise agreement is the safest and most effective way to improve employment conditions in your workplace.

If your school has such an agreement, it is legally binding and the Modern Prize does not apply. ELAA agreed on substantial improvements for teachers and educators, “recognizing the importance of maintaining and attracting quality staff and thus supporting the dedicated work of service providers at an early age.” It includes headteachers, assistant principals, teachers and teaching assistants employed by the Ministry of Education (DET).

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