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Keep sharing information with traders and investors around day futures markets, Larry Levin today will offer us some news around Greece – A country with difficulties in financial matter.

According towards the Wall Street Journal, another bailout for Greece is apparently on the way. And based on people knowledgeable about the matter, BERLIN- Germany is considering dropping its push to have an early rescheduling of Greek bonds to be able to facilitate a whole new package of aid loans for Greece.

Berlin’s concession until this country must lend Greece additional money, even without burden-sharing by bondholders temporarily, would help Europe overcome its impasse over Greece’s funding needs ahead of the indebted country runs out of take advantage mid-July. This may be a reliable information for us?

That Greece will face a shortfall in financing close to €30 billion ($43 billion) each year in 2012 and 2013-even following a €110 billion bailout agreed this past year has been acknowledged for weeks by Euro-zone officials. But the agreement on what the gaps must be filled is proving difficult, because of growing political opposition in northern Europe to bailouts of profligate countries for example Greece.

For weeks, Germany has argued that many in Greek bonds somehow should bear portion of the burden of the new bailout package for Athens. However, the European Central Bank staunchly opposes any form of debt restructuring. Meanwhile the International Monetary Fund requires a clarity on Greece’s 2012 funding prior to the money that Greece has to get through august is released.

On Monday, a senior German official stated that though it could spark a backlash from German lawmakers, the offer being discussed in Vienna might not exactly include any investor participation.

On Monday, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker said from now, they’re going to try to resolve the Greek problem until the end of June. European finance ministers are anticipated to discuss Greece for a June 20 meeting, before a summit of European leaders on June 24.

It would have been a long story to express. Under its effect, this market will be changed and the like the information will likely be good for traders and investors to plan their business. We hope that the difficulty will be solved soon. Just keep up with this market and the economy matter being ready for just about any situation which will occur. We will probably be back with Larry Levin for further news across the markets.

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