Uom Collective Agreement

The administrative, technical and industrial staff of the University of Malta will continue to benefit from improved working conditions, including wage increases and better pay structures. This agreement covers the period from January 1, 2017 to the end of December 2021. U-M has collective agreements with various labour organizations representing selected employees who perform certain roles on Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint Campus and Michigan Medicine. These employees perform essential tasks in the university`s teaching, research and patient care missions. These include nurses, police officers, PhD students, craftsmen and much more. The entry mark for the profession at MCAST and ITS is Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Senior Lecturer I, and then as Senior Lecturer II. The maximum gross annual salary range for full-time academics at JC, with a Council date for 2019, including cost of living, ranges from 26,092 euros for an assistant professor with a minimum qualification of 37 euros, 624 euros for a Senior Lecturer II. – Senior Lecturer: As a general rule, after five years of satisfactory academic experience at the teacher level. . – Senior Lecturer I: requires a person to have a postgraduate degree and at least fifteen years of teaching experience in his or her discipline. Local recognition as a leading teacher and promoter of his or her area of expertise would be seen as an advantage. – Lecturer: awarded to the heritage of a research-based doctorate (PhD or equivalent) that is relevant to the applicant`s duties. Academic staff are not considered a civil servant, but an employee of the institutions concerned.

Teachers are not invited to have a teacher`s mandate to practice their profession in higher education. The teacher`s code of ethics and practice therefore does not bind them legally, in accordance with Article 31, paragraph 2, point b), of the Education Act. Nevertheless, it is understood that lecturers in this sector respect and anchor the six principles set out in the above code of ethics in their practice and behaviour. In addition, institutions such as um and JC have a code of conduct for professional practices. There are four course categories at MCAST: Assistant Lecturer, Lecturer, Lecturer Senior I and Senior Lecturer II. Staff will exceed from one scale to the next, after acquiring the corresponding qualifications and the number of years of relevant experience. A recommendation from the director of the institute and the agreement of the progress council are a precondition for the transition from one rank to another. All workers will receive an annual increase between 2017 and 2021. The average increase will be 2.5% per year, and by 2021, salaries will increase by a total of 13.1%, in addition to the basic salary, full-time academics will also receive an annual university increase of 4,533 euros for an assistant professor up to 29,822 for a professor. The last note is the first step in the um`s hierarchical structure. Academics eligible for progress must submit to an application process for examination.

The collective agreement was signed Tuesday by the university`s director, Professor Alfred Vella, and UHM Voice of the Workers Director, Jesmond Bonello, and by representatives of the university`s workers. – Professor: awarded for the distinction and excellence of internationally recognized professional and academic qualifications. Higher education in Malta is provided by the University of Malta (UM), the Junior College (JC), the MCAST, the Institute for Tourism Studies (ITS) and the Institute for Education (IFE). JC is under the responsibility of UM. The collective agreement will certainly serve as a useful tool for the continuation of the university.

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