Under This Agreement Traduccion

Acme, Ltd. is a company founded according to the laws of England. Thank you, Ernesto. Two interesting examples of other uses of “under.” Services under the contract. services under the contract, if any. Based on what we have just seen, we realize that at least from our own experience, there are up to eight ways of translating underneath. Let us consider some examples of its possible translations: it can be said that under a term generally used to combine two elements related to a cause-and-effect relationship, such as rights or obligations arising from a specific agreement or clause of a contract, or the effects arising from a particular legal act. The preposition under is often used in Anglo-Saxon legal language. Every document we face will certainly contain a good amount. Sometimes even several may appear in the same paragraph. But does it always mean the same thing? Should we always translate it in the same way? The terms “tenor” are “compliant” as “according to the laws of England.” Very good and interesting! The site and courses very well. Thanks to both of you. The subsidiary is under the control of the parent company.

Thank you guys, very interesting. I share it with my translation students. Good luck!. Finally (and this would be one of the few cases where the use of this particle coincides in the common language and legal language), it is said that the “subsidiaries” are under the control of another company: . It`s a pleasure, Gabriela. Thank you for helping us spread it. I wanted to write “after.” I actually wrote it, but I don`t know how I was yelled by the a. Hello, Mayita: I`m glad to know you found it useful.

Thank you for following us. Greetings, Ruth 5. “Enterprise” are registered with a number: they are no more appropriate than those mentioned above, but can be used. Especially to avoid repetitions in translation. 2. “Bonds” may also be included in a specific clause: Acme, Ltd. a company incorporated under English law. Thank you, Antonio. Always useful for your comments. The rights arising from this agreement.

1) “Commitments” are adopted under a particular document: 4. “Companies” are constituted according to or after the legislation of a country: Short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, More Peruvian and ninth-grade student of translation and interpretation career. According to the country, in Peru, the preposition is more ACCORDING instead of Amparo. You should therefore look in all contexts for the most appropriate translation, taking into account the rankings or affinity groups that we have already discussed in this entry: what they are and what mediations are for in the legal language. . Don`t copy all of these options. We`ll leave you a free downloadable model with all the ones you can download now. Please. Results: 365.

You guessed it: 365. Response time: 294 ms. 3. The “rights” arise from or come from a contract: payments due under a lease agreement. The obligations under clause 12 (…).

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