Peugeot Finance Agreement Number

While payment leave and restructuring agreements give some people time to reorganize their finances, it is important to understand that these options may link some consumers to higher credit costs and/or additional costs. Our rental and financing contracts now have another added benefit – you can use our website to set up and order a new car online. You can also get an opinion on your current car and apply some or all of these means to your new car. You can choose between two different payment options, including cash or finances. In certain circumstances, it may be possible to renew your contract. Please contact us to discuss this further. If you order a new car through our website, you can pay for your new car through one of our financial packages. We act as a credit broker in relation to the financing agreement, and PSA Finance UK Ltd (“PSAF”) is the lender. To change your payment date, you can either log in to your agreement via MyBMW Finance or contact us through Customer Service. If you opt for a contract rental agreement, we can add contract care to your monthly rent and withdraw the amount by direct debit.

Other financing options and cash purchases are billed in the form of separate levies. Your Peugeot account When you create a Peugeot account, you are asked to provide a username and password. This way, you can access your vehicle and/or your financial configurations and/or modify them, and update or change your personal data. You must protect the password and not share it with another person. We are not responsible for misuse of your Peugeot account if you have disclosed your username and password to another person. You should inform us as soon as possible if you believe that your password has been shared or that your Peugeot account has been accessed without your mandate. We can deactivate your account immediately if we know or suspect abuse. Secure Payments If you pay online or over the phone in connection with an online order, we use a secure payment portal and ensure that your payment card information is kept securely. The conclusion of your order and delivery or delivery of your new car depends on your signing of your financing contract and its return to PSAF, where a payment option has been selected for financing.

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