Ups International Shipping Agreement

Fixed addressesA surcharge of $15 per package or a maximum of $62 per shipment may be charged to the sender due to poor delivery due to a wrong address or if it is addressed to a P.O. box. A residential delivery is a delivery made to a home, including a company that manages a-home. Each delivery to residential buildings is accompanied by an additional USD 4 per shipment. UPS Worldwide Express Freight Services is charged at $140 per shipment. Extended Area SurchargeUPS offers a pickup service in advanced and urban areas. For shipments that are recovered or delivered in an extended area, the additional charge is $34 per shipment or $0.80 per kg, depending on their higher value. For a copy of the extended zone overload points, please load from Area OverloadA fee of 38.80 S per shipment or S. 0.90 per kg is valid for delivery or pickup outside the UPS more extensive areas for deliveries and deliveries. For a copy of the Remote Zone Overload Points, download ConversionCharges to a payer`s account in a currency converted to the payer`s currency using a weekly exchange rate guaranteed by major Money Centre Banks, plus 0.75% of foreign exchange charges.

Tax surcharge/tax transferIf the “tax/tax transfer” settlement option is withheld, an additional $30 is charged to the sender. Bill Receiver/Freight CollectRefusal FeeA account number is not valid if it is not the correct account number for the recipient of the invoice or if it is the account number of a recipient or a third party who does not pay the shipping fee. A fee of $17 per shipment will be charged for international shipments with an invalid account number. Supplement SupplementFor any international shipment with a missing or non-missing account number, UPS performs a “look-up” for the recipient of the invoice by following the correct account number or by creating a temporary account to charge the recipient or a third party. For each look-up service, the sender is charged up to $5 per shipment. Information on fuel surcharges can be found in®. The ability to ship wine depends on the type of license of the shipper for the sale of wine and the laws of the destination state. Learn more about shipping wine with UPS. USPS does not authorize the shipment or shipment of alcohol domesticly or internationally.

For all requirements, see upS`s guide to shipping alcohol with UPS. International Dangerous GoodsSafe goods are objects or substances that could pose a significant risk to health, safety or property if not processed and shipped properly. There are different laws, regulations and rules for transporting dangerous goods across international borders. UPS provides a contract service to ensure that your shipments of dangerous goods are processed and shipped on our global network in accordance with international and national rules. Accessible1 and unaccessible classification2 applies to the category of dangerous goods. The supplement applies as follows: Accessible Dangerous Goods – UPS Worldwide Express Express Saver – UPS Worldwide Express Saver® UPS Worldwide Expedited S 133.50 per shipment or $13.70 per package – UPS Worldwide Express Freight Services $133.50 per shipment or $1.80 per kg Goods UP UPS Worldwide Express Saver® UPS Worldwide Expedited S 89 or $9.10 per package UPS Worldwide Express Freight Services $89 per shipment or $1.20 per kg For a detailed list of class and goods of dangerous goods acceptable to UPS, please contact our customer staff. At your discretion, whether or not the UPS International Dangerous Goods program applies, you charge an additional $9.10 per package or $89 per shipment. , based on the highest value, for all costs, expenses, damages or losses, including, but not limited, the cost of returning the shipment to the shipper and any additional administrative costs incurred by UPS in relation to the incidence of the infringements3.

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